Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fairhavens - A Fair Heaven in Nainital

The idea of stepping out of the monotony of life and experiencing the non-experienced has always been an exciting thought to me. While I can say that each and every single person feels the pull to step out of their comfort zone and go. Go and travel to the one place where you see a typical Hindi romantic song being performed. High up in the mountains, I would be fascinated by the panorama while conveniently ignoring the two lovers who would be dancing and making confessions of their undying love in the Bollywood number.

This is where a Nainital became the place to go. The destination that will phase out the repetitive "wake up, go office, come back and sleep" routine.So i went for it. I packed my bags and set out to conquer the high mountains and gorgeous lakes of Nainital. Right before leaving, I made one minute decision which would change my definition of hopitality;  I booked a room at Hotel Chevron Fairhavens, Nainital.

I booked a cottage suite at the hotel, hoping to pamper myself before I return to the unavoidable call of my job. Fairhavens was immense. Sprawling over acres of nature and designed as if were the colonial headquarters from the Bitish era, the hotel was one of the best places one could have stayed at.


Needless to say, I spent 3 days relaxing in my own kingdom with exceptional services and succulent dishes in the gorgeous weather of Nainital. 10/10 would do it again.