Thursday, June 19, 2014

Business Trip to Delhi

I have an upcoming business trip to Delhi. I was looking at hotels to stay in the Greater Kailash Area so that I end up being close to Nehru Place - where I need to go for work.

During my research I discovered this nice hotel - Indusbiznotel. Their website is quite decent and from the pictures it looks like the hotel is modern. It has all the amenities that I absolutely need - free wifi and free breakfast.

I'll write about my choice after the trip!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jim Corbett National Park - The Land of Tigers

India the land of tigers!  Many tourists go to great lengths today to spot a tiger. Conservation measures are slowly picking up to ensure that the national animal of the country does not become extinct. 

When one thinks of tigers one naturally thinks of Jim Corbett and the National Park at Nainital, Uttarkhand. Jim an Englishman but born in India, began life as a sharp shooter and became famous in putting down many man- eating tigers and leopards. With time however, we all know the story of how the ace hunter and shooter turned conservationist and pioneered a mind set to understanding the animal and why these majestic creatures turned man-eaters. He documented facts from the autopsy of the dead tigers and drew conclusions about these killer animals. In recognition of this great man and his commitment to preserve the habitat of the tiger, the government renamed the national park after him and it is today known as the Jim Corbett National Park.  

It is indeed an honor to him and the royal tiger that Le ROI Resort in Jim Corbett National Park overlooks the park and keeps alive the interest of yesteryear. A trip to Nainital is incomplete without a visit to the park. What better place than a stay at the Le ROI Corbett Resort where as the name suggests you are treated as royalty? Cut off from the noise and grime of the city, the LeROI offers you a comfortable stay right in the heart of Corbett country. 

So if you are in Delhi, and staying at the Le RoiHotel in Delhi, a trip to Nainital and a stay at the Le Roi at Nainital, should be arranged without difficulty.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Wow Trip to Mumbai

Very recently I traveled to Mumbai for Work. It was a one day trip but I had an experience like never before. Before I write about it, I need to give you some background about myself. I have always been fascinated by airplanes. Watching a 747 take off seems like magic - I have always wondered how the Boeing guys can get something bigger than my apartment and holding more people than a movie theater to get off the ground and stay up there.

I was delighted to stay at The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai - a truly five star hotel next to the mumbai airport and guess what - to my utter delight - I got a room that overlooked the runway. I was able to see plenty of airplanes including a few of my favorite 747s take off. It was a total dream come true.

But my great experience began much sooner than I even made it to my hotel room. As soon as I had landed in Mumbai, I was greeted by the hotel chauffeur in a large Innova that got me to the hotel in flat 5 minutes. I have never had such a short commute in Mumbai before. I had organized all my meetings at the hotel's awesome conference facilities - therefore I spent all my time at the hotel. If you have that kind of flexibility, I'd totally recommend doing that to beat the rush.

I had an evening flight - and I was at the hotel by 7:00 pm. After freshening up, I found myself starving. I went down to the restaurant - The Boulevard - their excellent coffee shop. It was full at that time - but the food and service was incredible!!! the only draw back is that I ended up eating way too much...

The next day after a nice gym workout and breakfast at the Boulevard again - rest of the day was spent in one of their conference rooms interviewing candidates. I have to say that the people at The Orchid are out to please. They took great care of all the interviewees that had come to meet me. I am sure this experience will create a great impression of my brand and help me recruit top talent!

I was late wrapping up and had to rush to the airport for my flight. The Orchid packed a wholesome meal for me to enjoy at my leisure at the airport and also did the web check in for me. The drive to the airport took exactly 8 minutes and I made my flight comfortably!

Next time I'm in Mumbai, I am staying at The Orchid Mumbai!