Friday, July 04, 2014

After the Business Trip to Delhi

I just got back from my trip to Delhi. I had two very different experiences - One very nice and the second one very poor.

My stay at Hotel Indus Bizonotel - a totally boutique hotel in Greater Kailash - South Delhi was absolutely fantastic.The property is amongst the best in South Delhi. Boutique is really the word for it. I got to the hotel from Kailash Colony metro stop - took a cycle Rikshaw from there. Google maps really helped me get there (I don't know the GK area very well and that area is full of hotels. If you ask someone where a particular hotel is they totally do not know.

The property looks new - perhaps it has been recently renovated. The rooms were great - very luxurious, the meals were great - and the GM Mr. Kapoor was extremely friendly and helpful.

After I checked out from GK, I went to stay at another hotel in Rohini. It is a five star hotel there but they should send some of their staff to Indus Biznotel to learn. I paid 2x the price at the 5 star for a 2 star treatment.