Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Bouquet of Experiences Waiting for You at Aloha on the Ganges

Aloha on the Ganges, right on the banks of holy River Ganga, is not only a nonpareil destination to escape mundane affairs and be close to the Gods and seek their blessings, but also an abode that will help you bring out the real adventure in you.

Old-timers recommend this resort as an ideal place to stay in for visitors coming to Rishikesh either with spiritual intentions or adventure. Here is a blend of activities which you can explore and experience at Aloha on the Ganges:


Everyone knows ‘about’ yoga and has heard of it. Whether you are a regular practitioner or a newbie and would like to begin a routine, then this is your chance. Our on-site yoga teacher has lined up a one hour pre-breakfast session on a private beach off the river Ganga. Eight members and Rs.300 per person, and you got yourself a good thing.

Sandhya Bhajan
A 45 minute lyrical session of music is organized for you at the resort. The bhajans are sure to delight you and we welcome you to participate, post tea. Music has a unique way of connecting us to each other and to the divine. What better way to end a day than with a musical hour of gratitude.


We know that fire purifies.  Consecrated fire or havans have immense powers to purify us and our surroundings of negative energies. For special requirements of guests, havans or homas can be organized in the mornings on a private beach close to the Ganga. Guests are requested to let the manager know the specific requirements and avail of this great opportunity to conduct a havan on the banks of the Ganga. Additional costs will have to be borne by the guests concerned.

Ganga Aarti – Parmarth Ashram

Guests can take a stroll for about 2 kilometers and cross both the Ram and Laxman Jhulas. Their walk will be through the busy colorful markets and end at the ashram to join the ashramites for the evening aarti. The Parmarth Ashram and the Parmarth Niketan are famous places and cater to thousands of pilgrims who visit here. There are over a thousand rooms and each has been fitted with modern amenities.  

Shiva Tandava Stotram

The Himalayas is the abode of Shiva. While here you can organize your own Shiva Tandava Stotram.

It is a full 45 minute ritual and is completely in praise of Shiva. The resort conducts this ritual on special occasions. Additional costs will have to be borne by you.

An hour’s drive brings you to the safari point from the resort. The jeep safari takes you through the park. Spread over 800 acres of lush green vegetation, the Park is a favorite haunt for everyone who visits this part of the country. Needless to say the mighty Ganga meanders through 24 kilometers of the park. Home to the leopard, the Himalayan bear the Sambha deer the tiger and other wild animals, the park boasts of having the largest ecological footprint in the entire Shivalik region. Apart from wild animals the enticing sight of the flora and fauna, the undergrowth and the wild birds are all enduring memories as the jeep winds its way through the jungle. Six persons can be seated comfortably in a gypsy and will cost Rs 6000.

For just 150 rupees our in-house nature guide and specialist will accompany you on that trek you wish to take. Undoubtedly the best way to take in the beauty of any place and more so the gorgeous Himalayas is by foot!  The two hours you plan for this is sure to fill your cup with memories and delight.


Visit to Ashrams and Temples

We know that the temples and ashrams in Rishikesh have an added something. The fact that rishis and sages down the centuries have made these settings hallowed is undisputable. Add to that the fact that millions of people have left their best vibrations in these physical spaces they visited and touched, makes it one of a kind experience one would wish earnestly to have. Along with visits if you would like to experience a massage or get an introduction to naturopathy, then that too can be arranged. Beginning at Rs 500 as supplemental charges, your trips can be worked into your schedule.

River rafters have called this the ‘kicking horse river’ and rightly so. You get the idea of the adventure and energy involved! So if this is the adventure that brings you to these parts, you are at the right place with Aloha. Our instructors and guides are trained and have nearly a decade of experience in this adventure. We also provide top of the line safety equipment and want you to be safe as well as have a good time.

Old timers say the best stretches of the river for this activity are the --- Marine Drive to Aloha Beach Camp, Shivpuri to Aloha Beach Camp and Bharampuri to Laxman Jhula Cliff jumping and Body Surfing are also recommended so that you don’t miss out on all that is the best in this water adventure. A supplemental cost of Rs 600 per person per stretch is what it will cost you for this once in a life time splash adventure.

Neer Gaddu Waterfall – A Picnic Lunch

Six kms from Tapovan, is the mighty Neer Gaddu waterfalls. A trek will take you through the shallow pools and the forest area to reach the waterfalls. The butterflies swarm you with their colors and transport you to a world of dreams. You will need about three hours in all to take in all this splendor and you will top it off with a delicious steaming lunch awaiting you at the Neer Gaddu falls. The additional cost to you would be Rs 850 per person. 

Rock Climbing 

An activity that demands agility, strength and endurance, rock climbing is not for everyone. The natural formations of the rocky face are daunting for most while tantalizingly welcoming to the avid rock climber. If you are interested in pursuing this activity and want supervision and experts to help you along with specialized climbing equipment, then at Aloha you have landed yourself a deal. With the supplements costing you just Rs 350 per person, all you have to do is let the resort staff know and your friends and you can have that adventure that some of us only look at with envy. 

Mountain biking

Another extreme sport is cycling in the mountains. So if you are a cycling enthusiast and wish to combine the adventure with some sight seeing, the Kanjapuri Devi Temple beckons. For those who love cycling and not the extreme kind, another alternate less strenuous route can be taken to visit the temple and get the Devi’s blessing. For Rs 950 per person as supplementals, you got yourself a cycling dream fulfilled of taking in large tracts of Rishikesh on two wheels.

Raft Building

Similar to the above, the team members have to build a raft to specified specifications with only the materials provided and within a given time frame. This activity can be made even more enjoyable by having two teams compete with each other and allotting points to declare the winner. The cost will be Rs 550 per person. Talk of having fun and learning at the same time! 

Whether it is a theme wedding or a wedding planned in your dream space, Aloha will do everything to make it a reality. What better place than the banks of the sacred Ganga to tie the knot! It could be that you want your engagement or betrothal to take place in Rishikesh. Our on site manager will assist you in making sure you have the perfect function.